WhiteLab Genomics Establishes US Presence by Securing Spot at Bayer Co.Lab and Ginkgo Bioworks’ Technology Network

Cambridge, MA (6th May, 2024): WhiteLab Genomics, artificial intelligence (AI) leaders in genomic medicine, are proud to announce the establishment of their US presence by joining Bayer’s Life Science incubator, Bayer Co.Lab in Cambridge, MA. 


Bayer’s Co.Lab in Cambridge is specifically designed to support startups with access to Bayer’s enterprise-wide cell and gene therapy expertise in addition to state-of-the art laboratory and office space. 

Situated in Kendall Square, hailed as « the most innovative mile on the planet, » startups that are part of Bayer’s Co.Lab can take advantage of being close to the discovery, development and commercial expertise at the Bayer Research Innovation Center (BRIC), as well as BlueRock (a CGT Bayer affiliate company), Beam Therapeutics and LabCentral 238, all housed within the same building. Co.Lab residents also benefit from its proximity to leading academia, medical schools, teaching hospitals, and trial centers. WhiteLab Genomics stands as one of nine companies chosen to join Bayer Co.Lab in Cambridge within its first year of operations.


“Joining the Bayer Co.Lab in Cambridge is a pivotal next step towards our US expansion. Leveraging Bayer’s rich expertise, we are confident this environment is ripe for transformative opportunities in healthcare, offering invaluable insights into the forefront of gene and cell therapy innovations. We are honored that WhiteLab has been selected for this incredible opportunity.” said David Del Bourgo, CEO and Co-Founder of WhiteLab Genomics. 


Complementing its presence in key innovation hubs worldwide, Bayer’s global network Co.Lab incubators exemplify Bayer’s dedication to driving transformative progression in the life sciences.


In addition to joining the Bayer Co.Lab, WhiteLab has also been invited to join Ginkgo Bioworks’ Technology Network. The Ginkgo Technology Network, comprising over 25 diverse partners spanning AI, genetic medicines, biologics, and manufacturing, aims to leverage the technological capabilities of its network to offer customers comprehensive end-to-end solutions for successful R&D outcomes across biological end markets, with plans to expand by adding new partners over time to enhance the integrated offering and mitigate the siloing and switching costs that currently hinder R&D progress, driven by positive initial customer feedback.


WhiteLab Genomics has already started forming their US based team, who will work out of the Bayer Co.Lab. To date, WhiteLab has secured partnerships with several major pharma companies, research institutions, biotech companies, and more to further their mission to accelerate the discovery, development, and distributions of life saving drugs. 


About WhiteLab Genomics


Founded in 2019, backed by Y-Combinator, WhiteLab Genomics stands at the convergence of computer sciences and biology, pioneering the accelerated development of genomic medicines. By leveraging their proprietary technology, WhiteLab Genomics analyzes complex biological data powered by AI to significantly reduce development timelines and mitigate associated risks. Based on exhaustive datasets, the platform provides in-silico simulations to discover, and design optimized payloads and vectors. WhiteLab aims to expedite the drug development process, cut costs, and accelerate the delivery of life-saving therapies to the market. The company collaborates with leading pharmaceutical companies such as Sanofi, academic institutions, and innovative biotechnology companies.  Recognized for their contribution to advancing the field of gene and cell therapy, WhiteLab Genomics is part of the prestigious French government supported by French Tech 2030 program.