Selected AI startups from YC’s Winter ’22 batch

Dozens of startups in Y Combinator’s Winter 2022 cohort do something that could be described as artificial intelligence. Though the term has lost much of its meaning, it’s still an important part of the tech landscape, and both using it and enabling it are fertile ground for new companies. Here are 14 notable startups from the latest batch.


Whitelab Genomics

Founded: 2019 in Paris, France

By: Julien Cottineau, David Delbourgo

Building: An AI-powered platform for discovery and design of genomic therapies. Data science and databasing for “scientific, technical, biological, genomic, and experimental” data sets. Plus suggestions for experimental design and workflows.

Quote: “We help our customers develop more genomic medicines, faster, in leaner ways and make those revolutionary drugs more accessible to patients in need.”

TC Quick Take: AI drug discovery is hot, but few have created serious value. Still, it’s obviously promising and specializing in genomic therapy is a good idea. How they’ll do the woollier workflow and design stuff I don’t know.


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