17 Top YC Companies Applying AI for a Better Future

Y Combinator is probably the world´s most well-known startup accelerator. Identifying the top startups from thousands of Y Combinator companies isn’t an easy task. If you are looking to explore which companies are the best representation of artificial intelligence, we’ve got you covered with this top YC companies list of who is applying AI for a better future.

YC has continued to cover AI topics. More specifically, Y Combinator and its backed startups are using AI to make healthcare, education, and transportation advancements, solve real-world problems and improve lives, often creating entirely new industries.

Y Combinator’s unique process for selecting companies

To get selected by Y combinator, firstly, you need a solid idea for your company – but don’t worry if it’s not perfect yet. You also need to have a scalable business plan to keep up with any changes that may happen along the way. Finally, you need to be ready for an interview session where they only give each applicant 10 minutes to answer thought-provoking questions about their company’s goals and strategy.

The application process is relatively simple. Head to their website, create an account, and fill out the form about your startup and its founders. Be as detailed as possible, but don’t lie. After you’ve completed all of that, go over it with close friends who will know if there are any ambiguities or mistakes in the questions – because these people might not fully understand what the project entails if they haven’t already heard of it from other sources. Once you apply, you wait—and this waiting period can last up to a month! Use this time wisely by building up your company and refining your product until you’re ready for an interview when (if) one comes along.

What makes Y Combinator so successful?

YC is well known as one of the most successful startup accelerators in Silicon Valley. What makes it so successful? One reason is its focus on companies from the outset. More so, according to Forbes, they invest thousands of dollars into each company and provide them with office space and support for several months. They also offer founders the opportunity to receive feedback from some of the world’s leading experts, including Paul Graham (founder), Jessica Livingston (co-founder), and Michael Seibel (president).


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