WhiteLab Genomics is a laureate of the French Tech 2030 program!


WhiteLab Genomics is honored to be part of the FrenchTech2030 Promotion!


The program set up aims to provide financial and extra-financial support by the General Secretariat for Investment, Mission French Tech and Bpifrance. They consist of individual and collective support on strategic business issues, such as international development, financing, commercial development (public and private purchasing), recruitment, territorial establishment, intellectual property, regulatory issues.


With this new certification we are even more determined to actively contribute in the french recovery plan, aiming to position France not simply as a participant but as a real leader in the gene and cell therapy field.


We are proud of our mission to continue to contribute to advancing the field of biotherapies and drug development in France and beyond, by leveraging the power of AI.


To learn more about this program: French Tech 2030 – French Tech Mission (lafrenchtech.gouv.fr)