Paris, France & Boston, USA - October 31, 2023: WhiteLab Genomics is excited to introduce Laurent van Lerberghe, the former Chief Strategy Officer at Sanofi, as the newest addition to its Board of Directors. This appointment marks a significant milestone as the company pursues its mission of advancing genomic medicine and healthcare innovation. With 25-year healthcare experience, Laurent van Lerberghe has

  Sanofi, WhiteLab Genomics, the TaRGeT Laboratory at Nantes University, and Institut Imagine launch WIDGeT to make France a global leader in gene therapy.   The WIDGeT consortium (Viral Vector Intelligent Design for Gene Therapy) aims to accelerate the development of gene therapies using viral vectors derived from adeno-associated viruses (AAV) for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and hereditary podocytopathies (kidney

  At the end of September, the "Mission entreprises " was jointly organized by the Île-de-France Region and Business France in Quebec.   This initiative provided Whitelab with a valuable opportunity to explore the Quebec ecosystem, renowned for its cutting-edge innovations, particularly in the fields of artificial intelligence and quantum computing.   This highly enriching expedition also allowed David, our CEO, to engage with other

    We are honored to be a finalist for The Galien Foundation "Best Startup" category alongside so many inspiring companies!   The Galien Foundation, one of the world's leading institutions celebrating life science innovators, revealed the 2023 Prix Galien USA Award nominees today and we are proud to be selected!   The foundation fosters, recognizes, and rewards excellence in scientific innovation to improve the state of human

  WhiteLab Genomics is honored to be part of the FrenchTech2030 Promotion!   The program set up aims to provide financial and extra-financial support by the General Secretariat for Investment, Mission French Tech and Bpifrance. They consist of individual and collective support on strategic business issues, such as international development, financing, commercial development (public and private purchasing), recruitment, territorial establishment, intellectual property, regulatory

  WhiteLab Genomics is a laureate of the first French Tech Health20 class!   The French Tech Health20 is a support program of the Mission French Tech, in partnership with the health innovation agency, dedicated to 20 promising healthtech startups, and we are among the first laureates!   Our goal? To further develop solutions related to France’s main health, technological, and industrial sovereignty issues, particularly in

David Del Bourgo (CEO and co-founder, Whitelab Genomics) has always been passionate about introducing disruptive, innovative technologies to markets. Now, he leads Whitelab Genomics as its artificial intelligence (AI) platform powers the development of genomic therapies – an emerging field in which genetic sequences are injected into cells to target and repair damaged genes. Del Bourgo, Tom Gibbs (investment director,

WhiteLab Genomics a développé une plateforme de simulation dédiée aux thérapies géniques. Elle permettrait d'accélérer la procédure pour les entreprises pharmaceutiques et les biotech, allant jusqu'à trois fois plus vite. La start-up vient de lever 10 millions d'euros pour financer son expansion aux Etats-Unis.   La start-up WhiteLab Genomics annonce ce 13 septembre une levée de fonds de 10 millions d'euros. Le

French biotech company WhiteLab Genomics has raised $10 million in funding for an AI platform designed to aid the discovery and development of genomic therapies. Founded out of Paris in 2019, recent Y Combinator (YC) graduate WhiteLab Genomics provide gene and cell therapy companies with predictive software simulations to expedite the design of gene and cell therapies. Gene therapy, for the uninitiated, is an