We are a diverse team. We come from around the world and are building a world-class team of talents in genomics, data science, and computational biology. Our differences are our strengths and our common language is our passion to deliver better therapies to patients.


David Del Bourgo, MBA

CEO co-founder


Chief of Staff

Julien Cottineau, PhD

CSO co-founder


Timothé Cynober (Pharm D.)

Business Development Lead

Oscar de Felice (PhD)

Data Scientist Lead

Dina Zielinski (PhD)

Head of Computational Biology

Jean-Philippe Buffet (PhD)

Biology Lead

Dylan Serillon (Pharm D. PhD)

Structural Biology Lead

Maud Thouverez

Head of People & Culture

Rebecca Callingham (PhD)

Scientific Project Manager

Nathan Lee (PhD)

Head of Partnerships

Alexandra Dupont

Executive Assistant

Natasha Liu

Talent Acquisition & Development - Employer Brand Manager

Xi Chipault


Nicolas Hirigoyen

Data Scientist

Alix Silvert (PhD)

Computational Biologist

Bryan Dafniet (PhD)

Structural Biologist

Alessandro Barberis (PhD)

Senior Computational Biologist

Claire Colas (PhD)

Structural Biologist

Rayhan Ullah

Business Developer

Yanis Habtoun

Data Engineer

Camille Alliot

Structural Biologist

Chloé Canavate

Data Scientist

Abiramy Sinnadurai

Marketing Apprentice

Juliette Maes

Structural Biology Apprentice

Monchida Likitphatham

Business Development Intern

Fanny Goretta

Business Development Intern

Loris Blasco

Business Development Intern

Strategic and Scientific Advisory Board

Nicole Paulk, PhD

Assistant Professor of AAV Gene Therapy
team of data scientists

Magali Richard, PhD

Deputy CEO and co-founder at Home Biosciences
our team of cell therapy scientists

Jean-Pascal Tranie

Partner Aloe Private Equity

Laurent Van Lerberghe

Investor Digital Health